A Influência religiosa nas proposicões legislativas no Congresso Nacional : clonagem terapêutica como estudo de caso




INTRODUCTION: Even though the Brazilian Constitution defines the nation as a laic State, a great difficulty has been observed in the transition from the confessional State, following up to the XIX Century, to the public secularity presently required. OBJECTIVE: To study the religious implications related to the Constitutional Amendment Bills (PEC) and the Legislative Bills (PL), as well as the respective attached documents, which contents are related, either directly or indirectly, to the human therapeutic cloning issue. METHODOLOGY: Both, the PECs and the PLs under consideration in the Brazilian National Congress between 2001 and 2005, which incorporated the keywords: stem cells; human cloning; therapeutic cloning; and human embryos, were analyzed. RESULTS: Three PECs and five PLs were identified within this context. All the PECs are against the use of human embryos defining the onset of live since its conception. As far as the PLs are concerned, it was verified that: one legislative bill allows the use of stem cells by means of the therapeutic cloning technique; the second one authorize research with embryos transferred to the motherly uterus and aborted spontaneously; and the remaining three forbid the research with human embryos in any situation and development stage. DISCUSSION: The analysis of the propositions revealed that, from the eight projects which were investigated, six have contents that forbid the use of human embryos based on incisive religious justifications. From the remaining two, one of them allows the cloning of human embryos for therapeutic purposes and the other opens a space for a conciliatory discussion of the subject. CONCLUSION: All the three PECs analyzed and three of the five PLs presented a strong religious content and no scientific reason, on both the legislation itself as well as the additional parliamentarians pronunciations. The laic state must be rigorously neutral regarded to the different religious believes, not allowing the imposition of moral values which are not common sense among all representatives of a pluralistic society.


clonagem orientador autonomy stem cells autonomia engenharia genética human embryos influência religiosa religião e ciência célula-tronco religious influence. bioética therapeutic cloning clonagem terapêutica bioethics embrião humano secular state leigos (religião) - igreja católica estado laico ciencias da saude células clonais

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