A influência do trabalho no rendimento escolar dos estudantes trabalhadores de graduação de enfermagem: uma revisão integrativa. / The influence of work on school performance of students graduate nursing workers: an integrative review.


IBICT - Instituto Brasileiro de Informação em Ciência e Tecnologia




The constant demand for qualified and up to date professionals has led increasingly professionals already working in the labor marketing to colleges and universities, increasing the number of working students in nursing undergraduate courses in the area. The economic reality does not allow these students to only study, particularly in private colleges. They need to work in order to keep themselves in higher education and in many cases they help to support the familys financial income. But work and study may lead to a problem based on physical and mental exhaustion. The objective of this research is to find scientific evidence on the influence of the work on school performance in students of nursing staff through an integrative review of scientific literature and has as core question ―What is the knowledge available about losses in the school nursing student who accumulates study and work?‖ The databases investigated were PubMed/ MEDLINE, LILACS, COCHRANE, CINAHL, SCIELLO, ERIC, PsycINFO, USP/Sibi e BDENF, descriptors with cross-indexed and non-indexed MeSH and DeCS. Considering the criteria for inclusion, two studies were analyzed in full, being recovered in an article database BDENF and the other in LILACS. These studies provide some common ground between the students and workers, including lack of time to study and sleep, impaired leisure, financial assistance for families, poor school performance, often requiring examination or retrieval and presentation of symptoms of fatigue and stress. Of the 40.2% of working students in E1 study, 39.3% work to support themselves. In the study E2, 38.9% of students had a lack of attention in class mainly due to tiredness, stress, and sleepiness. Both articles are in Portuguese published in Brazil. The lack of published data demonstrates the need of research with methodological rigor in order to reduce the gap in knowledge production and assist in the learning process of working students.


saúde do trabalhador estudantes de enfermagem trabalhadores prática baseada em evidências. worker health nursing working students evidence based practice. enfermagem

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