A influência da solicitude no compartilhamento do conhecimento : um estudo de caso




Nowadays, contexts that trigger creation and knowledge dissemination have strategic value for organizations. In this sense, it is known that solicitude is one of the main characteristics required for managers responsible for an environment that facilitate propagation of knowledge and organizational learning. The present study investigated the existing solicitude degrees of human resource management praxis at a knowledge organization and its relationship with the organization learning. Measurement of the existing degrees of solicitude and their relationship with knowledge sharing and organizational learning was made by using an appropriate system of data collection. A questionnaire was applied to 340 participants and 279 ones responded properly. The Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) was used for analyzing the collected data. As a result, there was the presence of five factors that constitute the concept of solicitude, existing in the literature, which are: mutual trust, active empathy, access to help, leniency trial and courage. Moreover, two unusual factors were found in this work: posture management and strategic vision. Thus, one can say that the study generated a draft instrument for assessing solicitude and showed the existence of a positive correlation between solicitude, the sharing of knowledge and organizational learning.


solicitude administracao de empresas knowledge creation gestão de conhecimento solicitude llfdlkfoe; poiied; pofpid knowledge sharing knowledge management compartilhamento do conhecimento criação do conhecimento

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