A incorporação da consciência ambiental no movimento trabalhista do Canadá : os casos de Alberta e Ontário / The greening of the Canadian labour movement : the cases of the Alberta Federation of Labour and the Toronto and York Region Labour Council, 200-2010




This research explores the incorporation of environmental themes by Canadian trade unionists in their discourse and actions. A historiographical review confirms that the environment has been increasingly addressed by the labour movement over time and that, in the past decade, a focus on ?green manufacturing, renewable energy, building retrofitting and public transportation forms part of labour s growing demand for the creation of green jobs. An analysis of the divergence in environmental activities and alliances of two branches of the labour movement, the Alberta Federation of Labour and the Toronto and York Labour Council, suggests that the former practices what can be called institutional unionism, while the latter tends towards movement unionism. Green jobs are presented in Alberta as providing employment in new industries created in addition to the province s dominant oil sector and as a response to the recession, while in Toronto and York they are seen, even prior to the recession, as a replacement for lost manufacturing jobs. The findings evince that the local employment situation and other important contextual factors influence labour s campaigning related to the environment


trabalho - canada meio ambiente labour trade unions environment sindicatos

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