A implementação de creches nas universidades publicas estaduais paulistas




This work have as its study object the institutions for infantile education in Brazil, specifically the day nursery centers from the São Paulo public universities (USP, UNICAMP and UNESP), understood as problems to be faced by these universities as a public politics" issue. We search to verify the organized strategies adopted by such institutions in order to meet the demands of the university s communities (students, teachers and general employees) in relation to the education and care of its children; and the roles of the social actors involved in this process. We stress that it was in the 80 s that the Children s Gathering" Centers (Centros de Convivência Infantil) from these universities were consolidated. Before the 80 s, the day nursery in workplaces " issue was already part of the political agenda of the universities, because it was already a problem posed, expressed by several means in the claims of workers, teachers and students. Nevertheless, the problem was not solved quickly as it is shown by its historical evolution. As for the methodological aspect, we used as a reference for the analyses of theprocess of implementation of the day nurseries centers inside the universities the following criteria: the demand for the day nurseries, the legal determinations and the data for its implementation, the attending structure, the roleplaying of the actors in this process, the financial resources and human resources employed. We focused the day nurseries centers by these criteria, locating them in the political-historical scenario of its days, when they were constituted as a political need for the care of children with 0 to 6 years old, and also to their families. To investigate the process of creation and structuration of the day nursery centers from the paulistas" public states universities (USP, UNICAMP and UNESP) allowed us to visualize the process of accomplishment of this modality of children s care in the workplace for many public employees, which do not always wins the so seeked places in the day nursery centers for their children, considering the great demand and the limited offer at work


politicas publicas university creches universidades e faculdades infantil education public politics day nursery centers educação infantil

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