A histÃria local no currÃculo da educaÃÃo bÃsica




The present work is inserted in the scope of the discussions on the subjects of the History teaching, the curriculum experiences and politics and the school subjectsâ history, mainly focusing on the history teachingâs own history. Its analysis target is the teaching of the History of the Recife as an autonomous school subject and on its contributions and the interferences it has been bringing for the docent work. The teaching of the History of the Recife has been instituted by a city law, on the year 1987 (NÂ 15.024/87), as a subject composing the curriculum of the public schools of the city. Since it has been inserted in the official curriculum, the History of the Recife has been treated in different series or circles of teaching, taken as topics inside the History subject or as an independent school subject itself, in conformation with the city law. This analysis is supported on the researches and discussions on the History teaching, the Curriculum Theory and on debates about the space and local places configurations, the spacelities as elements of the subjectivity and of the social identity. The discussion on the âidentitiesâ is found in the text through the view of thinking the History as a knowledge built and transmitted that interfere on the processes of the âcreation of the traditionsâ and on its own constitution as a school subject under the thought of a âCitizen Pedagogyâ, for being referred to the social memories, the traditions (nationals and locals), as well as the political processesâ â and the all others relations between the peopleâs â lectures and interpretations. The path that has been followed to the elaboration of the work has considered the speeches of the people connected to the constitution and elaboration of the subject, its didactic supporting material elaborators and its teachers that work with the History of the Recife subject inside the classrooms. This way, the method which has made possible the data collected in the writing of this work has been supported by semi-structured interviews, narratives of people involved and by the observation of the teaching processes in the History of the Recifeâs classrooms. The research has revelled that, although it has been almost twenty years since its insertion in the curriculum, the subject presents a self-condition of non-consolidation or of secondary importance. The reconfigurations, the conflicts and the contributions of a view on the local History are taken in account for the History teaching discusses (inside the classrooms) from what is heard in the docentâs speeches. Therefore, the elements pointed by the History teachers themselves as the most relevant about theirs experiences and comprehensions are counted firstly in the analysis


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