A geometria espacial no ensino médio a partir da atividade webquest: Análise de uma experiência




This present work of research has as its aim to present my experience in building and applying a WebQuest activity by analyzing the difficulties and the concrete possibilities of such a teaching way. This activity has been applied to a group of 10 students in the third year High School in a private school in Sao Paulo City. While analyzing the WebQuest since its construction and application up to the fi nal results obtained, I have looked for bringing evidences of if such kind of activity, which basically utilizes internet resources, is able to bring any kind of benefit in relation to the traditional classes that make use of books and books of key facts. Some learning aims have been defined starting from the Bloom Taxonomy (1972) and, when reached, have raised a thought of higher level, according to Dodge (1995). I verified that the students have constructed their mathematical knowledge as I noticed that they have reached the level of visualization geometrical comprehension, as defined by Van Hiele (1986) in his classification. I have used, as a way of validating the results obtained during the construction and application phases, a confrontation between the evidences observed through the registrations of such phases and the theoretic-methodological recommendations that have been utilized, which were mainly based in the own principles of the WebQuest activity and in some principles of the teaching experiment methodology, according to Cobb, P. et all (2003). It was possible to conclude that the students` mathematical knowledge of the Spatial Geometry basic notions was, in great part, consolidated throughout the use of the WebQuest activity. A new purpose of a WebQuest activity has been elaborated for application in an opportune moment


geometria espacial teaching experiment webquest spatial geometry the bloom taxonomy webquest taxonomia de bloom geometria educacao matematica experimento de ensino matematica matematica -- estudo e ensino

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