A geografia no nascimento do mundo: existência e conhecimento / The geography in birth of the world: the existence and knowledge




This research is the way of dialogue or a bridge between phenomenology and geographical science. The route begins with the common ontology between subject and world, continues with the experience of perception with opening and closing of things, a constituent of operation as a means world and place for the activity, given that up, liabilities, finished. Of the things you get to the place, this go to the world, even if it returns, is a cycle. The ontology established as common ontology makes searching in the red throwback to pre-order, the pre-purpose other attributes normally disregarded, the places, thinking on assessment and prognosis of these places. To this end, the field work was conducted as an opportunity for the application of the concepts considered.


experience and perception world common ontology diálogo entre filosofia e geografia abertura e fechamento mundo place institution building constituição e instituição experiência e percepção ontologia comum means dialogue between philosophy and geography lugar opening and closing meio

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