A função paterna na contemporaneidade: uma análise psicanalítica




The intense changes in our current world, at either an economical, social or political levels, have changed human relationships, especially in families and, as a result, there have been changes in human subjectivity contours. Facing social changes one finds a variety of traumatic situations in family relationships: husbands who hit their wives, parents who abuse their children, children who murder their parents, a wife who cuts his husband in pieces, parents who beat their children, and to complete the picture, elderly mistreatments. Violence and familys life abuse have been showing significative rates, being object of studies for sciences, making it possible to state that the house is, in fact, the most dangerous place in the modern society. Children are the main target of physical abuse. After that, husbands physical violence against their wives is another main target. Clearly there is a set of factors that involve the occurrence of the domestic violence. Among the possible factors that we investigate in this study, the psychic factors and their social unfoldings are imposed, for instance, the increase of some contemporary symptoms: alimentary compulsion, drugs addictions, panic syndrome. In this perspective, we inquire: does the understood paternal representation, as index of psychological and social order, seem not to fulfill its function anymore, making domestic violence possible? Would paternal function be in decline in the contemporary society? We work on paternal function matters by convoking multiple knowledge areas in Psychology, what made the identification of the paternal function possible, beneath some looks over human beings life. All those sciences had pointed out the paternal representation centrality, despite the family changes in present days, and in order to continue in this direction we support our ideas on freudian theory, once it has the axis to the paternal function questioning. It is through Psychoanalysis that we consider understanding the importance of the paternal function and its effect on the persons constitution, and its consequences in family and civilization.


violência paternal function família family society violence edipus complex complexo de Édipo sociedade psicologia função paterna

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