A funÃÃo coordenadora nas representaÃÃes sociais dos coordenadores pedagÃgicos da rede municipal de ensino do Recife




This research, of qualitative nature, had as its main objective analyse the social representations of the function of pedagogic coordination of the professionals coordinators who work in the municipal network of education from PE. The theoric referential that guided this investigation was the Theory of Social Representations in the tradition started by Serge Moscovici. By social representations we comprehend a kind of particular knowledge which has for function the development of behaviors and the comunication between people. They circulate, merge and crystallized itself permanently through signs, words, relations and daily actions of the people. The study had as empirical area the Municipal Office of the Secretary of Education, specifically the public schools. The participants of the research were 55 pedagogical coordinators distributed in the six different RPA s (Administrative and Politic Sections). For collection and development of the data we used a questionnaire, which had open questions, closed ones, beyond a test of free association of words. The data of the open questions were analyzed from the orientation of Bardin (1997), about analysis of content. The data regarding the test of free association were organized in semantic fields. The results of the research indicate social representations of pedagogical coordination centered in the following elements: mediation, articulation and facilitation of the pedagogical work in the pedagogical and institutional scope; formation activities development, seeks by improvement and professional growth, commitment and social responsibility. From the results achieved with the work we strengthen that the social representations of pedagogical coordination can not be ignored by the educational systems. They constitute an alert, for that those systems recognize the urgency of rethink the paper of that professional through public politics of capable professional valorization of assure, mainly, improvement of the conditions of work, recognition of that professional as creating and researcher in the schoolâspace. We understand that the quality of the Brazilian basic education passes, also, by the valorization of that professional in the school, since reveals deep identification with monitoring and pedagogical mediation


pedagogical practice educacao social representations representaÃÃes sociais coordenaÃÃo pedagÃgica public school prÃtica pedagÃgica pedagogical coordination escola pÃblica

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