A formação permanente do professor de matemática na perspectiva freireana: um estudo de caso no Município de Diadema SP / The permanent formation of professor of mathematics at freirean perspective: a case study in the municipality of Diadema - SP




This dissertation is intended to explore the freirian theory contribution in the math teachers formation and practice at Diadema city. Its inserted in a wider research from Paulo Freires chair on PUC/SP: The Paulo Freires presence on Brazilian Education: education public systems analysis, since the 90th decade. It focuses on matters directly connected to the math teachers formation nowadays, which faces innumerable difficulties from a precary and technicist formation, inherited from past decades and which today still carry rumps, reflecting in a bad comprehension of the math teaching; this consequently has influence in the classroom, creating lack of students interest, expressed by low progress. With that, knowing the teachers formation precarity, one central problematization question guides this research: how freirian referential can contribute to teachers math formation and practice, overlooking the overcoming of difficulties found in this subject teaching, in a direction of a critic-transforming education? This is a qualitative approach case study, based on the following procedures: documental analysis and field research, by means of observation and interviews


educacao continuada professores de matematica -- formacao profissional permanent formation mathematics teachers formação permanente curriculo freire, paulo -- 1921-1997

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