A formação de professores na universidade: uma tendência a primazia da prática?




The present study is focused on the recognition of existing university conceptions responsible for a trend towards a surplus value of the practice on professional formation, mainly in courses addressed to teacher formation. The hypothesis sustained here is that the force behind this tendency relies upon aspects that drives universitary foundation and upon principles that base on a relation between present economic system and brazilian education. This research was methodologically based on the analysis of documents related to the university structure and also on a field survey on a group of 63 students from the Biological Science teacher formation course, followed by a discussion group formed by 3 of these students to further deepened study pertinent questions. From a theoretical discussion of Bartholo Jr. (1986; 1992; 2001), Campos (2001), Polanyi (2000) and Tunes (2005), one concludes that the conceptions behind such valorization relate directly to premises of the knowledge mercantilization process, as consequence of a turning towards market present economic system. Therefore, one observes the presence of an utililitarian vision, represented by the given priority to applied research and by the increase in value of the knowledge practical aspects, which are believed to permit a better learning and a more realistic professional formation. It is also seen as necessary and very significant to the teacher pedagogic work and consequently to its formation. The contribution of this work is reflect upon contemporary brazilian university and the conceptions presented on its context, responsible for an utilitarian vision that supports a mercantilization of the knowledge, which is very present on the teacher formation courses.


formação de professores universidade educacao produção do conhecimento

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