A fala do vaqueiro do sertão baiano: análise semântico-lexical.




This study presents a lexical-semantical analysis of some of the speech aspects of a specific community and how it uses the languages lexic here considered as a set of linguistic forms which the speakers understand, use and modify in order to communicate. For that, it became necessary the support from, primarily, the general theory of Dialetology, Semantics and Lexicology, and also meandering through Sociolinguistics and Ethnolinguistics, with the lexis being the meeting point of these fields of study. The corpus of this research was formed by a cowboy community in the town of Teofilândia, in the sertão of Bahia. For the completion of this study, as it is described in the methodology section, the steps of field research were followed in relation to data collection. The collection was done through recording of interviews, narratives and folklore songs. A specific questionnaire was organized into four semantic subfields, in order to focus on the themes The cattle and The cowboy, graphematic transcription, which is followed by a detailed description of the lexical forms collected, based in the consultation of not only ethimology and synonym dictionaries, but also in the regional literature on the cowboys lexis. The subjects are all Teofilândias residents, all professionally active, havent been further than 100 km away from the town in the last three years. The data shows some aspects in reference to the cattle - the greatest reason for the cowboys work such as physical traits, breeds, etc. They also describe the subjects daily activities, their difficulties, joys and perspectives for the future of the profession. It is a natural consequence of this study the knowledge of the sociocultural reality of the subjects, whose speech demonstrate the relationships they have amongst themselves and their environment. Therefore, the lexis documentation and description of this specific community allow its preservation and, consequently, provide means for the knowledge of the Portuguese used in the Brazilian countryside. Besides, it assure its survival and the survival of our social, linguistic and cultural identity.


lexic vaqueiros dialetology linguistica dialetologia semântica social, linguistic and cultural identity léxico identidade sociolingüística e cultural cowboys semantics

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