A estimulação da inteligencia corporal cinestesica no contexto na educação fisica escolar




The present work has as its orienting line Howard Gardner Multiple Intelligences Theory. This author was one of the responsible persons for the intelligence concept enlargement. His publications contributed for the intelligence conception that goes beyond the logi.cal-mathematical and verbal-linguistic capacities. In this theory development, the author deepened into cerebral organization studies from Psychology and neuroscience discoveries, and established the intelligence multiplicity, differentiating them into eight potentials: linguistical, musical, logical-mathematical, spacial, corporeal-kinaesthetical, intra and interpersonal and naturalistic. The movement recognition as an intelligence manifestation, opens possibilities of new researches and interventions in Physical Education. It was performed an study with the aim of verifying which pedagogical interventions contribute for the intelligences stimulation. The knowledge produced in Psychology and Pedagogy referring to the teaching- learning process, especially those related to the interactionist principles, expressed at the Constructivist proposals and at the ?Teaching for Comprehension? theory, indicated important points for the pedagogical practices. In this perspective the diversity and increasing contents complexity and the problem-situations teaching, characterized as profitable for the intelligences stimulation. Through a field research, with qualitative approaching, it was made an analysis, in the Public Schools, to verify whether the teaching contents and methods, developed in the 5th grades of Physical Education classes in Marechal Cândido Rondon State Schools, Paraná State, are contributing for the kinaesthetical corporeal intelligence stimulation. The systematic observation technique was used for the research development, followed by the collected informations description, reduction and interpretation. It was drawn the conclusion that the contents had a limited diversity and complexity, and that, although they had favored the problem-situations presence, the teachers intervention was deficient, so not assuring the Kinaesthetical Corporeal Intelligence stimulation


inteligencia educação fisica - estudo e ensino

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