A estatística e a formação inicial com alunos de um curso de pedagogia: reflexões sobre uma seqüência didática




The objective of this research was to investigate the process of construction of basic knowledge of Statistics on the part of the pupils of a course of Pedagogy. This work answers the following question of research: That type of sequence favors the construction of meanings of statistical concepts of base for the pupil of the pedagogy, particularly the referring ones to the joint between graphical and tabular registers? To answer it, we made use of an instrument I diagnosis identifying the profile of the group and a composed didactic sequence of five blocks: game of the addition, game of the product, analysis of the game of the addition and the product, inquiry of the typical pupil and analysis of the three activities. We use as methodology the estimated ones of Didactic Engineering, and had participated of our activities eleven pupils of the fourth and sixth semesters of the Pedagogy course from a private college in Jacareí/São Paulo. The data had been analyzed to the light of theoretical reference on the formation of the statistical thought, on levels of statistic literacy and probabilistic literacy and on statistical reasoning. The activities of the game of the addition and the product had allowed to the pupil/teacher a first contact with the probability concept, making to know more good them regarding this subject, whereas the activity of the inquiry of the typical pupil objectified to place them in contact with a research in all its phases, since the set of problems until the analysis of the data. The results of this research strengthen the necessity of a work of formation initial and continued for teachers of the initial series of basic education in that it says respect for the Statistic and Probability, making a meaningful statistics education possible for a global formation of our students


formação de professores teachers formation matematica estatística statistics alfabetização estatística e probabilística educacao matematica matematica -- estudo e ensino statistic and probabilistic literacy estatistica matematica

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