A espiritualidade de Hildegard Von Bingen: profecia e ortodoxia / The spirituality of Hildegard von Bingen: prophecy and orthodoxy




Hildegard von Bingen, religious Benedictine woman who lived in the twelfth century, claimed to have written her first book, the Scivias, under a prophetic call, that came to her in a vision. According to Hildegard, her visions had been with her since her childhood, and in them she saw a Living Light and received divine messages. The Scivias which, according to Hildegard, consisted of the transcription of these messages, was a work with teachings in doctrinal orthodoxy. The prophetic character of the book, allied to its orthodoxy, guaranteed it with acceptation in the ecclesiastical environment and gave to Hildegard the reputation of a prophetess. Due to her fame as prophetess, people began to search Hildegard as a spiritual oracle, as a spiritual counsellor in different subjects. Monks, abbots, abbesses, bishops and emperors consulted Hildegard in search of admonition, advice, consolation and even solution for their problems. The vast correspondence of Hildegard bears witness to this fact. In this study, we try to understand, through the analysis of a mythical account included in the Scivias and of part of her correspondence, in what ways prophecy and orthodoxy, as expressions of Hildegards spirituality, were manifested in her work.


orthodoxy mística pilgrimage espiritualidade medieval mystique profecia prophecy ortodoxia medieval spirituality peregrinação

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