A doutrina da proteção integral da criança e do adolescente frente à lei 8069/90




The main Idea of this work is to discuss the doctrine of full protection to the infant, foreseen by the Child and Adolescent Statute. For that, we will study the main international conventions and treaties that rule the subject, in order to fallow the historical evolution of this new doctrine in our legal system, since the Constitution of 1988, until the issue of the Child and Adolescent Statute. We will analize the relevant aspects of the full protection doctrine necessities and importance, as well as the new of the infant presented by the Statute, who is no longer seen as an object, but as a person in a peculiar development condition. We will discuss the new view, and the necessity of the protection doctrine, presenting and referring to some of its aspects, which, as we shall see, are vital to the infant development. This way, we believe that full protection doctrine will be widely discussed, with a perfect understanding of this new view presented by the Child and Adolescent Statute, that, as said before, considers the infant a person in peculiar condition


criancas e adolescentes -- estatuto legal, leis, etc -- brasil direitos especiais proteção integral estatuto da criança e do adolescente full protection doctrine participação da familia interesses do menor brasil [lei n. 8.069, de 13 de julho de 1990] the child and adolescent statute

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