A discursivização do local-fronteira no jornalismo: estudo de caso de programas jornalísticos em rádios comunitárias




This work investigates the functioning of Journalism in community radios, taking as objects of analysis the journalistic programs Realidade Urgente e Bom Dia Cidade, of the radio stations Nova Aurora FM, from Santana do Livramento, and Elshaday FM, from Uruguaiana, both towns in the state of Rio Grande do Sul. The main concern of this research is the way the local is transformed into discourse by this Journalism. The choice, therefore, links community radio to local space. This is a concept of difficult demarcation, which should be related to another spatial magnitude to limit its place, what has made me decide for towns near the geopolitical border as an area of observation and apprehension of the concept of local. They are both towns in the state of Rio Grande do Sul: Santana do Livramento, on the border of Uruguai, and Uruguaiana, on the border of Argentina. Moved by the inquietude of trying to understand the concept of local in this context, how it is delimited and which senses are attributed to it in the spaces which are said to be dedicated to Journalism in community radios, I develop a Case Study which is theoretically and methodologically based upon the French stream of Discourse Analysis and Ethnomethodology. The first one is used for a formal analysis focused in discourse observation, taking it as text, and the second one, in the comprehension, from evidences, of how the relationships (or interactions) elaborate the social reality which was researched. Through a movement of apprehension of singularities and inferences, I notice that the configuration process of community radio is experimental and trial; it is of adaptation and of creative proposition. In their particular way, these variables contribute to the elaboration of journalism that intervenes in the (re)construction of what local is through the established processes, in the specific case of this research on a border. With this, there is a production on the logics of local in which it is simultaneously constructor and constructed


journalism fronteira community radio comunicacao jornalismo border rádio comunitário journalistic discourse discurso jornalístico

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