A dinÃmica entre famÃlia e organizaÃÃo: representaÃÃes sociais acerca das relaÃÃes de parentesco em uma organizaÃÃo familiar. / The dynamic between family and organization: social representations concerning kinship relations in a family organization.




In the last years, family organizations have been focused by many researchers, due to its social and economic importance worldwide. However, the studies are yet in an embryonic stage, once the theoretical approaches about this object of analysis are fragile and incipient. One of the fundamental aspects, though less explored, for the understanding of these systems is the family. In according to this, it was sought to understand the Social Representations concerning the dynamic between family and organization, particularizing the kinship relations influence on a family organization everyday. The investigated unit was a family business group from the pharmaceutical sector located in SÃo JoÃo del Rey. To accomplish the main objective of this research, it was necessary to recuperate the family and business histories presented on the narratives of the interviewees, by applying the historiographical method. The technique of genogram was also used to identify familiar ties and the nature of the relations between family members. Finally, the Social Representations methodological approach was fundamental to fulfill the purpose of the research. Through narrative analysis, it was possible to understand the Social Representations produced by different actors about the kinship relations influence on the family organization studied. The analysis demonstrated the occurrence of two major representations, that involve a group of meanings â kinship as social integration, and mechanism for the maintenance of the established organizational order and kinship as conflict âsourceâ. The emergency of paradoxal symbolical constructions denotes that family organizations have a singular dynamic of hard characterization, because they share, in a single space, opposite rationalities, diverse purposes, once attending business purposes and needs, and once being dominated by personal or family desires. Therefore, it becomes difficult to determine models and formulas to comprehend these objects because their actions are characterized by subjective and objective aspects at the same time.


representaÃÃes sociais famÃlia family organization social representations administracao family organizaÃÃes familiares kinship parentesco

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