A difícil aceitação dos números negativos: um estudo da teoria dos números de Peter Barlow (1776-1862)




The present study seeks to present a historico-epistemological analysis of the development of the mathematical concept of negative number. In order to do so, we analyzed the different forms and conditions of the construction of mathematical knowledge in different mathematical communities and, thus, identified the characteristics in the establishment of this concept. By understanding the historically constructed barriers, especially, the ones having ontologicas significant, that made the concept of negative number incompatible with that of natural number, thereby hindering the development of the concept of negative, we were able to sketch the reasons for the rejection of negative numbers by the English author Peter Barlow (1776 -1862) in his An Elementary Investigation of the Theory of Numbers, published in 1811. We also show the continuity of his difficulties with the treatment of negative numbers in the middle of the nineteenth century


history of mathematics concept of negative numberhistorico-epistemological theory of numbers conceito de números negativos histórico-epistemológico história da matemática ciencias exatas e da terra teoria dos números

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