A desconsideração da personalidade jurídica nos grupos de sociedades / Disregard of the legal entity in corporate group


IBICT - Instituto Brasileiro de Informação em Ciência e Tecnologia




The creation of corporate groups is, nowadays, probably one of the most used techniques for organizing the enterprise. Efficiencies resulting from them very often cannot be reached by using other corporate forms. Among the possible alternatives for structuring groups of companies, de facto groups are the majority in Brazilian economic scenario. Inspired in the German corporate model, these groups are characterized by the union of companies in control and affiliation relations, where a parent company exercises unitary direction over the other companies integrating the group, granting them economic unit. Brazilian corporations law, however, has some flaws as regards the rules applicable to corporate groups. Even in comparative law, there is criticism to the existing regulating models. In Brazil, the main element that characterizes the group of companies the unitary direction is not set forth in law. Besides that, the laws systematic is deficient in defining mechanisms for the protection of the interests of minority shareholders and creditors. In view of that, courts have been using disregard of the legal entity of companies integrated in corporate groups to protect such interests. Despite of the valid attempt of the courts to avoid that the lack of proper rules for groups of companies jeopardize interests of creditors and minority shareholders, the use of the disregard technique for this purpose does not observe the principles for its use and results in great legal insecurity. This is the analysis proposed herein.


corporation de facto groups disregard groups of companies grupo de sociedades legal entity pessoa jurídica sociedade anônima sociedade comercial

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