A dança dos orixás de Augusto Omolu e suas confluências com a antropologia teatral


IBICT - Instituto Brasileiro de Informação em Ciência e Tecnologia




The focus on this work is based on the Orixás Dance developed by Augusto Omolu in a transcultural perspective that combines the principles of formation that belongs to Eugenio Barbas Theatrical Anthropology and utilized by actors and dancers. Here, I present the results of this Field research that occurred on Salvador (Bahias State Capital) on the first semester of 2010. It is divided in four parts: The First part begins ―Through me‖; Experiences; living (among others); tensions; I present those impressions, sensations of a personal process with a large amount of subjectivity. I also made an analysis and presented in the process of my artistic development and social-psicophysical. It goes from body weirdness (strangeness of bodys behavior) and methods, to the creation (incorporated) of my own way to participate and execute the gestures and methods normally used on physical preparation. On second part of this research, I present the masters speach using transcriptions of his classroom allowing to observe and understand the way he absorved and reorganized the theatrical antropology and how he applies it on bodys principles that were absorved from candomblés dance. In the third part "Orixás dance; Theatrical Anthropology; Actor/ Dancer - Triangulo love" I present the theatrical Anthropologys concept over the Eugenio Barbas Speach (teachings) such as some of his followers regarding to energy, dilatation, body issues, resistance and training. On fourth part I present a brief historiography of cultural formation on Brazilians Candomblé, and pinpoint their nations natural providers as responsable for an authentic Brazilian religious and artistic culture. At the end of this work I defend the legitimacy and consistence of Master Augusto Omolus proposal, that elaborated a Dance technique that offers social - psicophysics and artistic conditions to researchers and artists to analyse and develop several works through a Brazilian Dance with an Africa Essence and begining.


dança dos orixás antropologia teatral augusto omolu eugênio barba dança afro-brasileira candomblé artes teatro e sociedade dança aspectos sociais orixáss dance theatrical anthropology afro-brazilian dance

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