A crítica de Friedrich Albert Lange ao materialismo psicofísico




The purpose of this work is to follow the steps of the criticism toward the psycho-physical materialism developed by Friedrich Albert Lange, based on Kants theory of the knowledge. Such a criticism lays on the field of the objective of his Geschichte des Materialismus, that consists in analyzing the feasibility of the materialism, showing alternatively, its fecundity or impotence. When the psycho-physical materialism supports the idea that the psycho phenomena, such as the thinking and the feeling, are caused by physiological phenomena, it entails with the scientific advances, becoming the science a real paradigm and justification of its feasibility. If the experimental sciences were the only real ones and if they could only notice the material, it is concluded that the matter was the only reality and the strict reason of the knowledge. Against the materialist reduction from the real to the matter, Lange recovered the possibility of the knowledge as a constitution of the matter and of the elaboration that it suffers, thanks to the persons psycho- physilogical organization


materialismo psicofísico organização psico-fisiológica conhecimento -- teoria filosofia neokantismo psicofisiologia neokantism conhecimento psycho-physical materialism psicofisica psycho-physiological organization knowledge lange, friedrich albert -- 1828-1875 -- critica e interpretacao.

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