A contribuição da geografia na formação do arquiteto e urbanista : o enfoque sistemico e a dimensão ambiental do espaço




This research discusses the architect and urbanist education, through their comprehension of space in Geography s systemic vision. Focusing Architecture, Urbanism and some teaching subjects at FAU/UNIMEP, intends to analyze Geography s appropriate conceptions that in architecture and urbanism education can contribute to environmental and social sustainability. Also proposes to show the profound relations between teaching and professional practices in the field of urban environment. Thus introduces to discussion the role of the University and its social responsibility, but also promotes a reflection about specialization and knowledge s productions in which Geography is a crucial subject. Hence, the dissertation reports special experiences and practices intending to show how important is the architect and urbanist intervention in order to solve cities problems


arquitetura - estudo e ensino arquitetura - orientação profissional espaço (arquitetura) arquitetura - aspectos ambientais

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