A construção das rotinas : caminhos para uma educação infantil de qualidade




This research is bound to a broader work proposal involving an investigation on the relations built between the routines construction and the child development and learning as promoters of the quality on child education. On this direction, its general objective is to analyze in a classroom of kindergarten 1, how the routines contribute to the building of quality on child education. Well, thus, analyze not only the way routines are organized, and the objectives to which they are connected, but well also identify the role of the teacher on the planning and organization of these routines. The contributors for this study were: Andrade (2007); Barbosa (2006); Kuhlmann Jr. (1998); Machado (2007); Oliveira (2002, 2007); Vygotsky (1996, 1998, 2000); Sousa (1998,2006); Zabalza (1998), and others. A qualitative approach was used as a methodological routing, which was done in a public institution of child education of the Federal District, in 2008. The field work involved different tools for the construction of data: participative observation, interviews, document analysis, and parallel to conversations, drawings and photos. The data analysis was made based on the indicators of quality built along with the research bound to the RECNEI (1998) and to the PNQEI (2006). During the research and analysis work it was concluded that the routines construction can significantly contribute for the building of a quality on child education and we educator also that the has a key role in this process of developing the affective links which, at the same time, promote and favors the learning and the development of the child.


quality qualidade rotina educacao routine educação infantil child education

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