A construção da identidade profissional do orientador de liberdade assistida comunitária: o processo de equilibração do saber, do fazer e do poder




This discourse accosts the construction of the watched liberty educators professional identity, from the contraposition between assigned and social constructed identity, taking as a starting point the operationalization of the socioeducation admeasurement of watched liberty in its modality of watched liberty - LAC. Starting form the presupposition that the professional identity is a social constructed phenomenon. The theoretic, which base us was the social theory developed by Marx, specially as regards to the category totality and world vision. In this sense, we start from the beginning, according to the professional identity composes a unity of different people, with the personal identity and the individual political identity and, even more, expressing itself into social relationship, revealing that professional choices are not neutral, otherwise, they mean politics engagement with determined social class. The study of the educators professional identity sent us, therefore to a complex field of meanings and determinations such as economic conditions, sociotechinic division is knowledge and experiences, history and world vision, that is the educator specific case, gets together to the adolescence conception, the family, the infringer adolescent and the social education. This research had as base, the result of the raise of secondary and primary data. We have used, supported in this principle, more than an instrument to the data collecting, semistructured along with the coordinator of the project of watch liberty, focal group with educators and documental analysis. We could conclude that the process of social education is initially imputed to the educator by legislation, but it will be the particular mode that each educator group will resignify this attribution, which one, through its turn, will depend on world vision and the assumed positions by everyone and by each one that it will give the constructed/reconsctructed meaning of the professional identity of this function


minors code adolescente infrator professional identity medidas sócio-educativas watched liberty educator infringer adolescent controle sócio-penal social education orientador de liberdade assistida comunitária centro comunitario castelinho (sao paulo, sp) servico social do menor estatuto da criança e do adolescente criancas e adolescentes -- estatuto legal, leis, etc febem, sp socio-penal control código de menores socio-educative measures identidade liberdade assistida identidade profissional children and adolescent statute

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