A constituição do gênero prefácio no universo acadêmico




This thesis aims to clarify constitutional aspects from the preface genre in academic works by applying the Swalesian line of genre analysis and considering the compositional structure of prefaces and the communicative purposes that they are supposed to accomplish. To the socio-rethorical analysis of the preface genre we used some references that include the general principles of Swales Theory (1990, 2004), some guidelines by Bhatia (1997a, 2004), the theoretical arguments of text genres proposed by Bazerman (2005), Maingueneau (2001) and Marcuschi (2000, 2002, 2003, 2004), these last ones specially applied to discuss genre as a social practice. We also used the argumentation / rethorical theory to support the persuasive aspect of the genre we researched and that theory provided us with the elements we needed to identify the promotional character of the texts: the ethos, the pathos and the logos, the three argumentative evidences used to persuade genre readers. To proceed the investigation we selected a corpus of ten texts divided in seven signed prefaces and three non-signed ones, all of them from Linguistics because it is the field of study we feel comfortable to deal with since graduation studies. The results revealed besides academic and scientific information that prefaces bring a very clear communicative purpose: evaluating and promoting books to readers. We concluded that the genre studies, not only related to the ones investigated among the academic universe but others related to several discoursive approaches, are fertile ground to future analysis because analyzing genre is examine how society works, knowing that people communicate by genres and they are social practices historically instituted. The social changes coming by genres emerge from new ways of production, language, new environments and supports


gêneros textuais persuasao (retorica) persuasion text genres retorica propósito comunicativo communicative purpose generos literarios linguagem e linguas lingua portuguesa

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