A consolidação das competências organizacionais na vitivinicultura brasileira: um estudo de caso na vinícola Miolo




Organizational competitive advantages can be reached by dynamical use of the company internal factors such as the resources and competencies in its different areas over time. This study is a research on how organizational competencies are articulated in internal processes of a company and how they are presented in organizational practices in order to implement strategies and achieve higher performance in the market. This is a qualitative research developed through an exploratory and descriptive case study conducted at Miolo Winery. The data collection was made with companys members and participants of the Brazilian winery sector. It used primary data (semi-structured interviews, non-participant observation, questionnaires, conference), and secondary data (documents and references). The results demonstrated that the Miolos competencies are presented in all internal processes, at different levels and they are directly connected to agents of the productive chain, showing interdependency and reciprocity among them. Two major competencies were identified in the Company: 1) Resources management along the chain and 2) Commercial activities integration. The first reveals the Companys ability to manage its internal resources, through: raw material control to produce high quality wines, use of technological resources in the organizational processes, diversification of line products at different parts of the country, and Companys pioneer practices. The second is composed by competencies to trade Companys products in different markets and includes: management competencies, creation of alternatives to export, capacity to distribute and approach to distribution channel, media and sector. This study concludes that the combination of all these competencies leads to the Company growth and differentiation, and it creates barriers against imitability. Further, by representing the base of the Companys strategies, these competencies and organizational practices interact and provide added value to customers, and sustainable competitive advantage to the Company


práticas organizacionais competência organizacional organizational practices administracao rio grande dos sul vitinicultura organizational competencies

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