A consciência e a mediação: um estudo sobre as didáticas contemporâneas de professores de geografia da rede pública de São Paulo e do Rio de Janeiro / The consciousness and mediation: a study about the contemporary teaching of geography teachers from public schools in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro


IBICT - Instituto Brasileiro de Informação em Ciência e Tecnologia




In this research, we had as central problem, the analysis on the consciousness and the mediation in the didactic act of geography teachers from seven schools in the municipalities of São Gonçalo-RJ, Itaboraí- RJ and São Paulo-SP. On the assumption that consciousness is the primitive act of humans to act on their needs. In this way, the teachers` need would be to mediate knowledge in the case of research the geographical coverage. Then, the mediation would be the significant process of knowledge characterized in transmitting for the other one, his/her knowledge and experiences to a significant learning. Understanding how the teachers organize their didactic actions is a way to reflect on the didactic and pedagogical conceptions and contemporary geography. From the perception about consciousness and mediation, we could think of who are these teachers, as are schools, students and the intentional action of everyday educational practices in the elaboration of the process of teaching and learning Geography. For this study, we work with ethnographic methodology as methodological basis that enable us to understand other peoples world or to figure out how people act on something, about their needs and another people. We research on how teachers act in their own work places the classroom, as well as, the interaction with students and knowledge. In this way, we use the observation of teachers´ classes as an instrument, in order to analyze the different ways teachers interpreted their act of teaching Geography. Besides that, we analyze the questionnaires` answers and interviews to organize the main conceptions of teachers about their own word, and so, to understand how the consciouness and mediation are conceived, from their didactic acts. These conceptions are linked to the role of School Geography; the teaching; the relationship to the means of education and learning activies; the territorial theme and teachers´ knowledge in the relation to Geography and Didactic. Thus, in the end of this research, we notice, after these analysis, that teachers present consciousness about their work in some moments, but in other ones, we perceive some difficulties in thinking about their classes, principally in relation to knowledge important to help them how to reflect upon the mediation process of geographical knowledge.


aula class consciência consciousness didactic of geography didática da geografia ensino de geografia mediação mediation teaching geography

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