A concepção da gestão democrática da Educação no estado de Mato Grosso do Sul no entretempo de 1991-2002




This paper had the purpose of analyze the conception of Democratic Management of Mato Grosso do Sul s Education in the meantime of 199-2002. This conception is based on the participation of all people that actuates inside the public school. This participation was thought Collegiate Management, on which the internal and external community have observed democratic relations to discuss and/or to propose actions/projects to be developed in the school, objectifying the quality of teaching and school management. To develop this study, some data were organize, regarding one brief review about the state of Mato Grosso do Sul, demonstrating the historical condition and the public policy of education, which culminated in the proposal of Collegiate Management as a effective mechanism of democratic participation in the school context in the meantime of 1999-2002. Subsequently some considerations are made about the participation s and democracy s categories, having as historical-political panorama, the State Reformation and the interference of international organisms in the establishment of the public policy administration for the education. With the knowledge that the Democratic Management was one process that it consolidation was not fast in Mato Grosso do Sul s Education, one analysis was realized about the proposals in the government of Pedro Pedrossian and Wilson Barbosa Martins, which started to delineate the Democratic Management conception of Education, and, at last, Jose Orcirio Miranda s, that organized not only actions, but one school project - Guaicuru School - systematizing strategies to the Democratic Management effectively. The results of this study marks the Collegiate Management as the effective path to the participation and the democracy, as well, this practice is legitimated by the decrees. Through the studied documents, this kind of school management express the decentralization not only pedagogic, but also administrative and financial.


democratic management educacao public policy politicas públicas gestão democrática education and state educação e estado

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