A comunicação mediada por computador no ensino-aprendizagem da língua inglesa :uma experiência com o programa AMANDA de discussões eletrônicas




This dissertation belongs to the context of the Computer Mediated Communication (CMC) for the language teaching and learning. Since the introduction of this new communication method, new paths for the teaching and learning of languages have been opened and many tutors have already started to use it to complement their instructional methods. In this research, during a six-month period, virtual discussions in the English language, about polemical topics, were carried out, through the use of the AMANDA program. This program features, as one of its main characteristics, artificial intelligence principles in the discussion coordination, diminishing the tutor s workload in the task of coordinating the discussions. The main goal of this research was to observe the contributions of the Computer Mediated Communication, through this program, for the learning of the English language by the participating students. Thus, it was intentionally selected a sample of 6 groups of students, at the upperintermediate English level, with 83 students altogether. Besides the researcher, two other teachers participated in this research. The methodological approach adopted in this study was the case study, through a qualitative analysis with an exploratory goal. At the end of a semester, the students and teachers answered a questionnaire in order for the researcher to gather the data which were the basis for the researcher s analyses. The researcher s analyses and the final considerations concentrate on the evaluation of the program used and the proposed discussion tasks, as well as the positive and negative aspects observed during this research for the teaching-learning of the English language.


english language computer-assisted instruction education, higher ensino auxiliado por computador educacao ensino superior - dissertações língua inglesa - estudo e ensino

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