A comunicação corporal na pre-escola : caminhos e descaminhos




The main point of this research is to find out if the corporal messages transmitted by the kindergarten children, during their physical activities, are notticed and interpreted by the teacher. The literature revision is centralized in the discussions about the body and its communication potenciality in its relationship with the world: the relationship between the child and the teacher, the child with the other children and, the child and the kindergarten enviromnment. It is also taken in consideration some aspects about the kindergarten situation nowadays where physical Education is a part of this activities. The research is qualificative, under a phenomenological approach, where the instrumental used for the data assessment was the descriptive observation, in four different schools of the Official School Network of Campinas, in kindergarten classes. The analysis of the results throught the ideographical and nomotetical theories allows the comprehension of the phenomenon investigated, showing a higher convergence of the aspects directly involving, the teacher didatic interfering on the teaching ? learning process. They are: the body and its speech; the intersubjective relations, the educational process and its ludicrousness; and the motivational aspects in the physical activities


corpo humano pre-escolares - expressão corporal

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