A Computational Framework for Daily Power Flow Analysis Considering Photovoltaic Distributed Generation


Braz. arch. biol. technol.




Abstract In Brazil, the demand for the acquisition and installation of photovoltaic systems has grown exponentially and, with that, the importance of studies considering their effects on the distribution grids power flow also grows. Due to the intermittent nature of photovoltaic generation, it is important to approach the analysis in a discrete way, taking into account the changes in the power injections during the studied period. Thus, this article presents the daily analysis of the effects of photovoltaic generation on the distribution system through the computational implementation of a discretized power flow routine. The implemented routine can also analyze the effects of other distributed generations on distribution grids, whether those grids are radial or not. The study results show positive impacts on the voltage quality obtained by the photovoltaic systems insertion, for a well-known distribution test system.

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