A co-criação e a inovação em serviços : um estudo em agências de publicidade




Service innovation is regarded by many authors as one the core issues faced by competitive companies in the tertiary sector. However, not much is known on the effectiveness of client-driven innovation in the advertising sector. This study proposes to research the relation between co-creation and innovation within advertising on a three-perspective approach: client-driven re-creation, tools required and its impacts on innovations. Its analytical method relies on two qualitative approaches. The first one has been developed on an agency case whilst the second one has been undertaken on the top 50 agencies based on the Brazilian market. It aims at building an academic reflection as to how client-agency recreation contributes for innovation process in the advertising sector. Its main conclusions draw the attention to the positive relation between competitiveness and quality improvement as well as highlight the main tools required within this process. Co-creation is regarded as a common practice within agencies that paves the way towards creative solutions


innovation in service inovação em serviços administracao knowledge management inovação aberta advertising agency gestão do conhecimento e agências de publicidade open innovation co-criação co-creation

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