A avaliação nas práticas pedagógicas inclusivas: Visão de professores




This Study proposal is to investigate, through teachers reports, the activities developed in classroom in particular the method to evaluate their students, with focus on the students that present deficiencies, observing whether practices of inclusion are taking place in the classroom. For this we believe the evaluation should consider the specificity of the students as well as to occur all along the process of teaching-learning, thus being, for the teachers, an important instrument for diagnostic of improvements and difficulties al well as the teachers own performance and becoming an indicator to the desired transformation. The data collection was realized between analysis, which envolved data from the State Bureau of Education, and Education head office of Centro-Oeste zone, these data referred to the number of teachers, students, special classrooms, rooms of resources, students in inclusion and training of teachers to special classes. On the following stage there were interviews with four teachers of the initial grades of the Primary School with experience in working with disabled students. The date was organized into topics, taking into consideration the objectives of this research. The results show that regarding legislation, norms and instructions the Inclusive Education is supported and protected, as for the inclusive practices themselves, as well as to the proposal for the inclusion of disabled students, these are still desired and possible, however they lack many factors, physical, pedagogical, material and human to make them concrete and enriching. As for the teachers there arent consistent public policies, realistic and efficient enough to guarantee quality tuition for the disabled ones, nevertheless, we count on mentors and teachers who use their own experience and goodwill to assure, at least for those disabled ones who access to stay at school


inclusao em educacao educacao especial inclusion and special education psicologia educacional inclusão e avaliação educação especial evaluation

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