A autoconstrução e o mutirão assistidos como alternativas para a produção de habitações de interesse social




The housing Brazilian deficit, he is one of the serious national problems, being that 90,7 % of this deficit (5.921.702 millions), is concentrated in the belt from 0 to 3 SM, in accordance with the FUNDAÇÃO JOÃO PINHEIRO (2008). Besides the deficit another problem is the quality of the existent stock with a great number of respected precarious or unsuitable dwellings, since great part of these dwellings is built in informal way, without a qualified technical back-up. This work intends to be a contribution while analysing the forms of production of dwellings called, Autoconstrução and Mutirão looking for the economy in dwellings of social interest. It is believed that this search passes by the offer of a technical back-up, of an organized form, with the assembly of a National System of Technical back-up in the areas of architecture and engineering by part of the Union, appropriately to the Federal District and Local Authorities. When the analyses of housing programs produced by autoconstrução were done suggestions were made for his aprimoramento, in other words the development of a continued and quick production where the guarantee is not only that of the return lent money, but also the quality of the produced products and the otimização of the invested resources. So, through bibliographical and documentary consultation, the next points were boarded:i) when his social range (quantity of reached persons) was given and using the financial offered resources to reach an appropriate and realistic, appropriate and viable rationalization of the present technical, economical and social factors in the different stages of the housing production. ii ) qualified technical back-up that contributes not only with the quality of the housing production, but also with other elements of result or be, the speed in getting bigger possible number of results. iii) level and quality of a technical back-up that is mounted to pay attention in the specific form to the objectives and marks of the programs.


economy mutirão mutirão economia low income house autoconstrução assistance technique autoconstrução arquitetura e urbanismo assistência técnica habitação

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