A arte de governar na filosofia de Michel Foucault: o poder, o inimigo e o racismo




The presente paper will face some main concepts inserted in the philosophical work of Michel Foucault, such as power, sovereignty, discipline, surveillance, in the way to improve the analysis to what referes to the governing art. At this point, a specific scene of Nietzscheans philosophy, in wich the theme of the sin takes place, will be added as a brief contribution. Between the new forms of the priests power, in Foucault, and the theme of State racism, other subjects will be approached, like the doctrine of State reason, the doctrine of police, the history of truth in the judicial practices, the panopticon, and the origens of the prison penalty. The final issue will face the theme of racism, wich will give support, in association to the notion of enemy, to the dialogue between the mentioned concepts of the foucaultian philosophy and some contemporary issues, connected to subjects such as violence, suspension of rights (from determinated social groups), reinforcement of penaltys, structures and institutions who deals with surveillance and social control


governmentality política michel foucault politics governamentalidade juridical inquiry filosofia

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