A aprendizagem na convivência:o estágio curricular em enfermagem




This is an analytic research of a qualitative nature whose purpose is to examine the learning process involving students of the Nursing Program of the Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte UFRN who are attending the Supervised Clerkship in Nursing (SCN) in Family Health Strategy (FHS), based on learning through daily living. In order to do this, a historical overview of this academic activity in the teaching of nursing was presented, and the importance of FHS as the scene where professional health education takes place was discussed. For the empirical investigation, ten eighth-semester students involved in clerkship activities at family health units in the Western Sanitary District of Natal, Rio Grande do Norte, were interviewed. The theoretical approach relied, as epistemological presupposition, on the ideas of educator Humberto Maturana who showed that learning, both in nature and among human beings, takes place within dialogic living relationships wherein acceptance of the other, affectivity (love) and dialoguing are essential stimuli to learning. Students discourses gradually became part of the analytic categories that had been established beforehand. There has been verified that the students went through meaningful learning encouraged by all who shared the living environment, that is: nurse/instructor, teacher/supervisor, family health staff, and the community. Several feelings were involved in the process, such as joy, satisfaction, self-reliance, affectivity and, in the opposite direction, sadness, indignation, a feeling of impotence, and fear. The learning of interpersonal relationship was describe as the most relevant of the academic experiences and, therefore, thus emphasizing the relevance of affectivity to the learning process as Maturana points out. It is suggested that the teaching of nursing keep on giving priority to family health units as the Basic Care educational scene, with attention to the importance of placing the students in welcoming environments, in such a way as to encourage learning


education family health saúde da família enfermagem learning aprendizagem estágio clínico clinical clerkship nursing enfermagem educação

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