A aplicabilidade das práticas de governança corporativa nas sociedades limitadas




The scope of this work is analyzing the application of the best practices of corporate governance to the limited liability companies. The study begins at a deeply examination of the historical events which has contributed to the spread of the good governance in the corporate world. The corporate governance is supported by general principles, which the equity, disclosure, ethics and social responsability are the most relevant. The presence of these principles is in all recommendations of the main codes which regulates this matter. Since the historical events which are responsible for the first study of corporate governance, the world is focused on a movement in order to prepare the manuals and codes which reflect the best practices to the companies. In Brazil, the most complete and detailed code is the one prepared by the Brazilian Institute of Corporate Governance, applicable to the corporations and limited liability companies. Based on its and others manuals guidelines this study shall compare the best practices with the current legislation which regulates the limited liability companies and, consequently, verify in which way it can contribute to the improvement of the limited liability companies


direito sociedades limitadas governanca corporativa

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