A agroindústria canavieira de Mato Grosso do Sul e a dinamica de sua expansão




This study aimed to examine how Agribusiness Sugar presents his case for expansion of Mato Grosso do Sul, and thereby becoming economic activity with the greatest growth found. The main product of the activity today is the ethanol (alcohol fuel) by experts considering the new source of renewable fuels under development. And because the state has one of privileged locations for production and marketing of production, and is being sought constantly looking for new projects of industrial units sucroalcooleiras. Primarily aimed at the extreme south which has the most fertile soil, with flat topography and climate propitious, as well as the proximity to the main consumer center in Brazil, and also has a strong loop road that bisects their entirety, as well as new sources of transport that are planned by public authority and private enterprise, for the foreseeable future second sources of the State Government can count up with a product from the production flow. It is combination of favorable factors can put the Mato Grosso do Sul sucroalcooleiro among the largest producers of Brazil, and that at best it being among the five largest. The analysis of the positions indicated by producing units show that by the year 2015 is hanging install in the state a total of 76 units.


sugar cane alcohol cana-de-açucar agribusiness sugar economia açucar agroindústria canavieira alcool sugar

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