A adoção de sistemas de avaliação ambiental de edifícios (LEED e Processo AQUA) no Brasil: motivações, benefícios e dificuldades / The adoption of environmental assessment systems of buildings (LEED e Process AQUA) in Brazil: motivations, benefits e difficulties


IBICT - Instituto Brasileiro de Informação em Ciência e Tecnologia




The building environmental assessment systems over the world are employing increasingly and we can find several studies concerning this subject. Many authors and websites emphasize the benefits of LEED and Process AQUA, but few discuss quantitatively the impacts, difficulties and reasons for its adoption, showing thus the need and importance of research like this. In this context, this paper aims to outline a general overview of the environmental certification of buildings in Brazil, through the key stakeholders perception (stakeholder) of the process. The main targets of this work were to identify the motivations for the environmental assessment systems for buildings and the corresponding benefits and difficulties concerning of implementation. It was also possible to make some recommendations to orientate and support the adoption of environmental assessment systems for buildings. These recomendations include the identification of actions to be implemented by companies, certification bodies and governmental authorities. In order to accomplish the defined targets, it were developed surveys which can lead to characterize the adoption of environmental assessment systems for buildings (LEED and AQUA Process). These survey was sent directly to entrepreneurs and consultants of a sample of brasilian companies with building certified or certification process (LEED and AQUA Process). It was received 21 answers that indicated that the main motivations for certification are linked to improving the image and building and that the main benefits are related to marketing and reducing operating costs. These results also indicated that there are difficulties in adopting this especially with the lack of integration in the design process and the lack of suppliers for materials and sustainable technologies.


benefícios e dificuldades benefits and difficulties building environmental assessment systems (leed and aqua process) motivações motivations sistemas de avaliação ambiental de edifícios (leed e processo aqua)

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