2021. Un año de incertidumbres para la Educación Matemática






This work describes a methodology to carry out the analysis of technological sectors, using information contained in patent documents. The use of this information by professors and students of chemistry courses and related areas is still little used. The consequence of this is the repetition of efforts to obtain some results of research and development. The use of patent big data and the construction of scenarios, using several variables, is even rarer in Brazil and still little explored in the world. This work presents patentometry in a theoretical context and its practical application, taking as an example the area of rare earth in Brazil. Analyses will be presented in this work, such as the development of technologies over time and study of the maturity of the sector in question; potential markets; the most significant technology developers in the field; technological sectors related to rare earth in Brazil; attractiveness of the Brazilian market; the evolution of priority sectors; technological specialization; patent quality indices and innovation indices; indexes of technologies internationalization and cooperation. It is expected that with the Patentometry, some of the barriers of insertion in the market of new technologies will be better known and minimized.

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