1500s discourses in defense and ilustration of portuguese language: filology and poetry / Discursos quinhentistas em defesa e ilustração da língua portuguesa: filologia e poesia




This dissertation is about the 16th Century discourses in defense and illustration of the Portuguese language, a movement that surfaced in the bulge of Humanism and Renascence, provoked by social, political and cultural matters. Before of this context and necessities and opportunities generated by the culture of Discoveries and the press advances, several scholars became aware of the need to defend and illustrate the vulgar languages in the presence of Latin. In Portugal this confrontation also took place before the Castilian language, which took pleasure in the cultural language in its court as much as in the population in a general matter. In this sense, the first grammars appeared as defense and illustration tools, as well as instruments of the mother language propagation. Some of them came along with dialogues in defense and praise of the Portuguese language. Editors also took part in this process and observed in the 16th Century editions prologues reasons that exalted the Portuguese language. Therefore, the research develops around two discourse groups: the philological and the poetical. The philological discourse is approached through texts such as grammars, orthographies, dialogues in the defense and illustration of the Portuguese language, prologues and dedication of the 16th Century. The poetical discourse is centered in the poetics and poetry of Antonio Ferreira.


filologia filology portuguese language - study poética poetics língua portuguesa - estudo

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