O desenho infantil em seu cotidiano:imagem, cultura lúdica e socialização




This study is based upon the research of the child.s drawing under the view of he child.s everyday life, as a part of a process of communication that presupposes its production cenary. The investigation covers the drawing of Enrico, 8 years old, and Lily, two years old, sun and daughter of this author, in the period between August 2005 and August 2006. It searches as main objective the inner-relations brought with the everyday graphic experience of the child, between the drawing, the image and the language, starting from the context of social interaction, generator of the graphic act. The theoretical dialogue is based on borders established by Semiotic Cognitive Dialogical according to Darras (DARRAS, 2003-A), and includes authors such as Georges-Henri Luquet, Maria Lúcia Batezat Duarte, Brent Wilson, Lev Vigotski, António Damásio e Gilles Brougère. The propositions of analysis of drawings are established from the communicational aspect observed in the domestic drawings of Enrico and Lily. It starts from the interconnections between language, visual culture and socialization, established at the cenary of the drawings production. It investigates the hypothesis of the exercise of cultura lúdica bonded to this act, structural aspects of the drawing, and the possible relations of exchange and interaction between different contexts generators of the graphic act. To study the .everyday. life where the child drawing develops shows the participation of it as a strong instrument on the child socializing process. It approaches the child drawing of a conception of .metalinguagem., considering that the .clues. to this drawing are found outside the graphic field, in the objects and images of an everyday life, pointed by the presence of personal inter-relations and the media


arte infantil socialização cultura lúdica child drawing artes plasticas cultura lúdica cultura, desenho infantil socialization

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