A argumentação nos gêneros fábula, parábola e apólogo




The aim of this research is to find out a possibility of a characterization of the argumentative kind for the texts: parable, fable and apologue, generally considered to be narratives, looking into how the process of argumentation take place at theses genres, as to say, how these texts with the same function, the argumentation would come out different or look alike. Therefore, at the beginning, the definition given to these three genres is analyzed and an investigation on the sort of characters taken so far, as a criterion way to tell them apart. Afterwards, a study of the elements of the structure of the narrative type is done based on the Travaglias theory (2001 and 2002) and the elements of the argumentative structure also based on the rhetoric of the Perelman and Olbrechts-Tytecas (2002). All along the study, texts of the corpus are used and previously analyzed to identify the elements of the theory approached. From these studies of nature analytic-descriptive and quantitative, a conclusion that the genres apologue, fable and parable presents a crossing of types at which the narrative is an element that acts in function of the discourse responsible for the setting of the argumentative type. As narrative types, the three genres get close in the categories direction, plot and ethics, being that, almost always implicit in the plot, in the outcome or in the remarks, being responsible to give a doctrinal character to these genres since their origins. Up to now, at the structure of the narrative you can find the presence of elements of the categories and remarks that tell apart these genres significantly. Inside the argumentative structure, the distinctive elements that act in the macroestructure of the apologues, of the fables and the parables show respect to the sort of the agreements with which the speakers stand by and the types of arguments used, considering the pragmatic discourse function predominantly argumentative, once these genres are used at social circles and specific situations. Having in mind these finding results, we can judge that this study adds important data and make a difference among the genres: apologue, fable and parable, giving to them a configuration of the argumentative form in which the narrative is an element of the structure, which can be used as a background for argumentation.


narrativa parábola argumentation parable argumentação fábula fábulas apologue apólogo linguistica narrative fable

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