Validação de uma bateria de testes de habilidades motoras para atletas de handebol em cadeira de rodas / Validation of a battery of tests of motor skills for wheelchair handball athletes






The Wheelchair Handball (WH) is a competitive sport whose practice was started recently in Brazil (CALEGARI, 2010). The motor assessment has an important role in sports training and it is necessary to create instruments for evaluation. This study aims to validate a battery of skills tests for athletes of HCR. The battery consists of five tests (20 m Velocity - V, Block - BL, Driving the ball - DB, Passes for Precision - PP and Efficacy of pitches - EA). A sample of 11 athletes (3 men and 8 women) were evaluated at two different days by three evaluators. The data were presented using descriptive statistics and analysis of variance was used to analyze the criterion of objectivity of the tests. For reliability, we used the linear correlation coefficient and internal consistency was evaluated using the linear correlation coefficients (VM, BL, CB, PP) and Cronbach s Alpha (EA). The software used for the analysis was R-2.10.0 Plus®. Generally the battery proved to be objective since there were no differences between the evaluations made by different evaluators. The criteria for reliability and internal consistency, only three tests showed satisfactory results, with the exception EA and PP tests whose correlation values were below 0.50 (consistency) and below 0.69 (reliability) so that were excluded from the battery. We conclude from this study that the battery of skills tests for athletes of HCR is a valid assessment battery in the HCR.


avaliação testes deficiencia fisica esporte adaptado handbal em cadeira de rodas assessment testing physical disabilities disabilities sports wheelchair handball

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