Responsabilidade social, um fenômeno em construção: avanços e desafios deste movimento nas universidades privadas do Paraná






The obligations of the organizations in front of the society surpass the legal subjects and they start to characterize as ethical and moral commitment. The existence of an organization goes besides the economic development generation and wealth. The universities, while organizations, they should be aware that the production of the knowledge is just a part of its commitment; their activities should glimpse the promotion of quality of life of their stakeholders. For treating of a new posture, it felt necessary to accomplish, in a cutting of the brazilian universities, a panorama to understand the movements of construction of the social responsibility in the Private Universities of Paraná, as form of understanding the progresses and challenges for the consolidation of this phenomenon. For that, the quantitative method was used, with the support of the exploratory and descriptive researches, to verify the perception of the managers, teachers, students, members of the community of the neighborhood, contestants and suppliers. The results show that the social responsibility is in development apprenticeship in the researched universities, and that still exist misunderstandings with the term and in its practice. Besides, discrepancy exists between the projects and actions of social responsibility developed by the universities and the perception of the stakeholders in relation to the accomplished activities. Flaws were observed in the communication, that suggest the adoption of new strategies to minimize the problem of the relationship of the universities with their stakeholders. The social responsibility will be consolidated as a legitimate institutional practice, more coherent with their proposals, with the approach and the active participation of the several publics in the ruling processes


ética ética nas organizações responsabilidade social universidade etica responsabilidade social da empresa; Ética empresarial ethics ethics in the organizations social responsibility university

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