Relação família-escola : uma parceria educativa na promoção da saúde




Family and Scholl are the two essential links of educative process. The effects from a relationship between these institutions, as been positive or negative ones, perpetually been in a significant way, as at the familiar space, as at the scholar surrounding. This descriptive qualitative approaching study had as objective to comprehend how it is going the relation Family-School at the Fortaleza, Ceará, Brazils Private Teaching institutions on the grades corresponding to the High School Level, which is called in Brazil as Second Fundamental Teaching level. We did this investigation considering the perspective that this relationship, when it is well lived, promotes everyones involved health. Data collecting was done by the interviewing technique according to a semistructured script, and had been applied to students relatives and to the professionals from education area. The data analysis had as reference the thematic categorical analysis technique, from that had been emerged 5 categories that were discussed into the study ambit: influence from the technical-pedagogic team on the relationship quality; absence of humanized caring at School; relationship centered on the problems solving; paying it forward of responsibilities between parts and difficult to maintain an effective communication channel. The results revealed that the caring with this relationship is attributed, more to school than to the family, as also, evidenced that is attributed to technical-pedagogic team the task of create strategies in this relationship construction, showed that the relatives desires that the School needs to offer a more humanized service focused on each family needs, cleared up that this relationship is affected, in the most of times, by a conflict, in which, during the solutions seeking process, it is common to happen a responsibilities transfer, in that, each part attributes to the other one the problems origin and those results still expressed the responsibility for an effective intervention. The communication between both parts is damaged, making difficult the effective and real partnership installation. School and family, both of them, have difficulties to express themselves on authentic and unworried way. We concluded this research totally certain that we have systemized some knowledge about family-school interaction, offering subsidies to permit its seeing into the health promotions point of view in order to school becomes capable to take care more about for its own relations, reverting this reality.


promoÇÃo da saÚde - dissertaÇÕes saude coletiva escola e familia - dissertaÇÕes educaÇÃo em saÚde - dissertaÇÕes

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