Phosphorus rates on yield and quality of lettuce seeds


Horticultura Brasileira




Because of lack of information about phosphorus fertilization in lettuce from the standpoint of seed production, this study was undertaken. The work was carried out in Botucatu, São Paulo state, Brazil, from September 25, 2003 to February 19, 2004, in order to study the influence of crescents phosphorus rates on yield and quality of lettuce seeds, cultivar Verônica. The experimental design was randomized blocks with five treatments (0; 200; 400; 600 and 800 kg ha-1 of P2O5) and five replications. The following characteristics were evaluated: seed production per plant (g plant-1), number of seeds per plant and quality (percentage of germination and seed vigor). A linear increasing was observed on production and number of seeds per plant of lettuce with phosphorus rates, but these rates did not affect the seed physiological quality evaluated on weight of 1,000 seeds (average = 0.91 g), first count of germination (98%), standard germination test (99%), seed germination speed index (68.5), seedling emergence speed index (97.0) and emerged seedlings (49.3%).


lactuca sativa phosphorus fertilization p2o5 germination vigor

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