Personagens femininas e personagens infantis nos contos de Grimm : um estudo de imagens e relações / Female characters and child characters in Grimm s fairy tales : a study of images and relationships






This study aims to analyze the female characters and children´s characters in Little Brother and Little Sister´s tale (The Enchanted Deer), of Grimm´s brothers, exploring the possible relations with the conditions of the tale and orphaned and abandoned children in contemporary society. The hypothesis that guides the study is the assumption that the stories, as a literary work, beyond space and time of its production, and still read today, mobilize and raise discussions about the possible interrelations and social positions in places occupied by child and woman in society today. To undertake analysis of the tale, we performed readings of different translators, opting for Iside Bonini´s translation (1961). The ideas of Vygotsky and Bakhtin, more specifically the concept of dialogue and drama, gave theoretical support to the analysis performed. The tales themes include issues of contemporary human condition, showing positions and social roles, positions of power, family relations; they suggest ideas of motherhood, childhood and circumstances as orphanhood, abandonment and abuse. These themes have relations with the history of childhood, mobilizing senses about asymmetric relationship between adult, child and the complex everyday life. Based on the raised categories, were analyzed the images of wife, mother, stepmother, maternity, the conditions of children - abandonment and resistance - and the senses of abandonment and orphanhood yesterday and today.


personagens - mulheres contos de fadas personagens literários infância fairy tales figures literary figures childhood

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